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Goals and Activities Include:

  • Provide a place for philanthropically minded people to place donations without fear that funds are siphoned to large salaries or other non-philanthropic expenditures.
  • Focus on fundamental solutions and assisting the true victims in our society, such as homeless or abused children and animals.
  • The promotion of open-mindedness, truth and reason, with short-term gain always subordinated to long-term benefits.
  • Education in self-help medicine.
  • Teaching nutrition and life-styles that prevent the cruel degenerative diseases plaguing our modern society.
  • Strengthening reasonable environmental policies.
  • Promoting sustainable and humane organic farming practices.
  • Reasonable protection of “endangered” lands and animals from unnecessary urban sprawl, deforestation, and habitat destruction.
  • Support of legislation against the inhumane treatment of all creatures, including companion, zoo, wild, farm, and laboratory animals.
  • Promotion of informed and responsible freedom, individual initiative and self-responsibility.

Making a better world is everyone’s responsibility. Getting engaged with meaningful efforts fills a basic human need. A donation to the Wysong Institute is one way to take action by supporting Wysong’s continued commitment to solving ultimate causes, not merely the symptoms of the world’s problems.

How We Can Help:
If you know of a philanthropic activity that fits the above principles and needs assistance, please contact us. Tell us the history and objectives and explain how the activity is funded. The more detail the better. Organizations using volunteer help are given priority.

How You Can Help:
Any donation to the Institute is tax deductible and will efficiently be used consistent with the above principles.

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